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ASP-GAUGE-300 ASP 0-300psi micro gauge $8.00  
SKIN-K4H01 Skinner K4H01 $75.00 In Stock
HUM-HA041E1 Humphrey HA041E1 Solenoid $58.00 Sold Out
HUM-CRCB-0053W Humphrey CRCB-0053W $75.00 In Stock
SKIN-K3H03 Skinner K3H03 Solenoid $82.00 Sold Out
HUM-HEA10A5-GL-101W Humphrey HEA10A5-GL-101W Solenoid $62.00 In Stock
SMC-SYJ314-SG SMC SYJ314-SG Solenoid $44.00 Sold Out
HUM-HEA10F5-GL-101W Humphrey HEA10F5-GL-101W Solenoid $72.00 Sold Out
HUM-HEB10F3-GL Humphrey HEB10F3-GL Solenoid $56.00 In Stock
SMC-SYJ3120-SLO-M3 SMC SYJ3120-SLO-M3 Solenoid $52.00 In Stock
SMC-SY3120-SLOZ-M5 SMC SY3120-SLOZ-M5 Solenoid $56.00 In Stock
SMC-SY3120-SG-M5 SMC SY3120-SG-M5 Solenoid $56.00 In Stock
SMC-SY3140-SG SMC SY3140-SG Solenoid $56.00 Sold Out
MACDEV-CONQUEST-REBUILD MacDev Conquest Rebuild Kit $20.00 In Stock
SKIN-K4H04 Skinner K4H04 $82.00 Sold Out
HUM-HEA10F5-GL Humphrey HEA10F5-GL Solenoid $66.00 Sold Out
SKIN-GASKET Skinner K-series solenoid gasket and mounting screws $6.50 Sold Out
HUM-GASKET Humphrey HA041 series solenoid gasket and mounting screws $6.50 In Stock
ASP-SKIN-CORE-SPRING Skinner Core Springs $7.00  
NORGREN-MACRO-FIT Norgren macroline fittings $19.00  


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